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YCM Marina3

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Tel Marina : +377 93 10 65 00
E-mail : assistante.marina@ycm.mc
Site internet : www.ycm.mc

La Belle Classe Academy3

To offer excellence on board...
With its La Belle Classe Academy, the YCM aims to encourage development and promotion of yachting professions. A commitment to build the future in collaboration with Bluewater!

La Belle Classe Academy offers 8 training modules


  • TCW Basic Safety Training - Complete 
  • STCW Basic Safety Training - Refresher 
  • Advanced Fire Fighting
  • Polar Code


  • ISM
  • ECDIS on board 
  • Cybersecurity


  • Destination Barman
  • Chef Training 
  • Food Safety


  • Coastal Licence
  • Take the helm of your boat
  •  Coastal Licence refresher course
  • Offshore Licence


  • Weather Training Courses


  • Sail X Team


  • ETYC introduces “ETYC Training” the very first environmental training course for Yacht crews.


Dedicated to owners, but also open to anyone involved in yachting (captains, managers and other professionals), crew members and future owners, the Yacht Club de Monaco’s training centre alternates navigation and pleasure boat courses, with the aim being to support the young generation.

Tel : +377 93 10 70 08
E-mail : assistante.academy@ycm.mc
Site internet : www.ycm.mc

Sea Index2


SEA Index is a non-profit organization established by the Yacht Club de Monaco and Credit Suisse as part of the Monaco, Capital of Yachting initiative. The SEA Index demonstrates the commitment of the Principality of Monaco as a center of excellence, innovation and environmental leadership in the field of yachting.

Our Vision

This initiative is a response to the growing strong demand from yacht owners wishing to be able to calculate their environmental impact and support this industry in its transformation for a more eco-responsible future, as more and more yacht owners are adopting an approach of sustainability and environmental excellence. They are the ones who give the impetus, call on the shipyards and finance the research and development associated with their project.

Our Tool 

The SEA index is a tailor-made tool for assessing and improving the environmental performance of yachts. It can be accessed online so that shipowners, captains or other Yachting professionals can carry out a « non-binding » self-assessment.




Tel : +377 93 10 63 04 
E-mail : n.quevert@ycm.org
Site internet : www.sea-index.com


The Yacht Club de Monaco has always had the greatest regard for captains which is why in September 2007 it launched this club for Yacht and Superyacht captains.  Today it has over 120 members of all nationalities who meet regularly at the YCM to share ideas and experiences all year round.

As YCM General Secretary Bernard d’Alessandri explains “As the YCM brings together more than 800 boat owners, including owners of 541 yachts over 40m and 25 of the world’s 100 largest yachts, we wanted to open our doors to their captains who are key players in the yachting world”.

Indeed, they are seen as ambassadors of the Club’s core values that are behind its ‘Art de Vivre la Mer’ philosophy.  Members respect a Charter perpetuating excellence in yachting practices, which are embedded in the YCM’s DNA: respect for naval etiquette and solidarity at sea; protecting the ocean and its biodiversity for future generations; and developing and promoting innovative technology for the maritime sector.

The club organises social events and regular forums where captains can debate key yachting issues.

The captain member of the Cpatains' Club will be able to participate in exclusive events offered to members of the Yacht Club.

Captain members also have access to the Club's :

  • Sports Bar / Deck 2
  • Clubhouse Library / Deck 2
  • 1909 Restaurant / Deck 2
  • Fitness & Wellness area, pool, sauna, hammam / Deck 1
  • Sunrise Restaurant / Deck 5
  • Car park

Several requirements must be met in order to become a member of the Captains' Club.

In order to apply, contact the Yacht Club de Monaco and express your desire to become a captain member.

Contact : 

Quai Louis II, 98000 Monaco

Phone: +377 93 10 63 06

Email: c.ruiz@ycm.org

Contact : 

Quai Louis II, 98000 Monaco

Phone: +377 93 10 63 06

Email: c.ruiz@ycm.org